How To Succeed in Interview ?

succeedPeople never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your success or failure in getting the job is determined with the first few minutes of the interview and so it is important for you to create a positive first impression.

Don’t expect your resume alone to win the job for you, you will need to communicate why you are the right candidate. Do proper research to know about the company and the job profile and the type of interview you will be encountering. Do proper practice for the interview, but don’t memorize your answers. Follow these simple tips to achieve success in this important phase of job-search.

Do’s :

A: Personal Front:

The way you dress up reflects your personality. You should be comfortable in the attire you have chosen. Choose to wear formal dress and if you are comfortable with tie, please go with it.
Carry two good copies of your updated resume, and carry the same in your pen drive also. Remember the photo copies of relevant certificates and two passport size photographs.
Carry minimum accessories with you. A decent folder serves the purpose.
Talk precisely and to the point with confidence. Be courteous.
Speak good about your past employers.
Be prepared to negotiate on the salary and also justify the hike you are expecting.
Most important ; in case you are not able to attend the interview or do not wish to attend please ensure that proper intimation is given well in advance. It is in good taste.

B: Professional Front :

Research the current industrial trends, company and the job profile in detail, before your interview. Read and study carefully, organisation brochures and annual reports.
Browse Organization Web site
Find out company’s future plans through Chamber of Commerce.
Arrive 15 minutes early at the venue.
Be sure to give a firm handshake, smile, maintain eye contact and have positive body language.
Listen carefully to questions and if you don’t understand a question, politely ask for clarification.
You can’t know everything. So, if you don’t know the answer, say no. Don’t try to give wrong answer or mislead the interviewer.
Be honest about your background and experience.
It is important to make an eye contact with the interviewer as you speak, which shows that you are confident and honest.
Express authentic interest in this position you have applied for. Tell the interviewer about the inherent aspects of the job, which are particular interest for you.
At the end of the interview, It is likely to be asked, “ do you have any questions for us?” This is the right time to ask any relative questions you have about the company or position.
Thank the interviewer for his / her time.
Send a thank you note.

Think on the most important things, before you attend the interview.

Brief profile about self.
Objectives, goals and ambitions in life.
Your career path, contribution and satisfaction level of the jobs till date.
Reasons why you wish to join the interviewing company.
Your major skill sets, strengths and weaknesses.
Company growth plans, your present reporting levels and future career progression.
Salary expectation.
Time required to join on selection.


Indulge in negative talks about your previous employer.
Make vague statements – be concise and specific.
Be too informal.
Speak for too long – more than two minutes is normally too much.
Act as though you are desperate for employment.
Appear anxious to end the interview.
Chew gum or smell like smoke.
Ask about the salary unless the interviewer brings it up.
Allow your cell phone to ring during the interview.

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