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We focus primarily on middle, senior and top management recruitment needs of our clients. The solutions that we provide have a significant impact on the careers and lives of individuals and enhances challenging Career Opportunities for the professionals. At Green Leaf, we understand our responsibility and handle all information shared by you with complete confidentiality.

Being recruitment expert and leader in recruitment, we provide placement assistance in India, Singapore, Malayasia, USA, Europe, Middle East and Far East countries. If you are searching Jobs in India and Jobs in Abroad then we are the Most supportive and result oriented placement consultant.

Most senior executives will work for several companies throughout their career and have contact with executive search consultants at various intervals. However, making the right move at the right time is an important aspect when considering you career.

The only thing which stands between you and what you have wanted from your life is simply the will power to pursue it and the faith to believe that it is possible. You always wanted from your life is happiness, finding meaning, purpose and passion.

There is a better way to live your life and have a purposeful and meaningful career. Having a meaning for your life is a driving force, which adds exuberance in your days. Having a passion and making it to your career – living a dream – can not just be a wish but a true and sure reality.

Ask yourself – What actually matters to me? What are my likes and dislikes? What problems I am having and how can I fix it? What is my passion and what is my secret desire? What do I want to achieve in my life?

By reviewing these questions you can get an insight of where do you want to go in your life.

Every person is born with unique set of natural talent and abilities. You can have a natural flair or talent for various activities such as management, creating, writing, research, training others, drawing etc. And you can do these activities very easily and with interest. True happiness and joy comes from within by combining your natural talent and interests, growing and excelling in them, and working in a field, job or industry which you have a passionate interest in.

Once you accept the fact in your mind that you can do it, you can have anything in your life that you want. If you want to achieve something, be confident in your approach, and think positively. The feeling of being successful has to come first from your inner self.

We at Green Leaf not only wishing you A GREAT LUCK for your Future Plans but is more than happy to walk with you to make your journey easy, comfortable and faster towards destination.

Build a meaningful career to have a meaningful life.